space needle sightings

IMG_5933IMG_5942we started off our morning early by visiting kerry park. before our trip, i googled where to find the most scenic views of seattle and this certainly did not disappoint. we loved that mountain backdrop. plus, it was only five minutes walking from our airbnb apartment!

this day was devoted to visiting most of the places on our city pass. if you ever visit a major city, i would highly recommend buying one of these. the city pass lets you visit a bunch of popular touristy spots for a discounted price! you also get to skip lines sometimes, which could come in handy if you are in a crunch for time.

Space Needlefirst on our list – the famous space needle! luckily, the wait wasn’t too awful and we were on our way up pretty quickly (41 second elevator ride, to be exact). of course we had to snag a shot with their selfie camera.

IMG_5953 we had brunch afterwards at tilikum place cafe. they’re known for their dutch babies, or baked pancake. we ordered the savory dutch baby, filled with broccoli, bacon, and cheddar. we also got the tilikum fry up – egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans on toast, and roasted tomatoes – so so good.

IMG_5961IMG_5984Chihuly Garden & Glassafter stuffing our faces, we visited the chihuly garden and glass which features intricate glasswork handmade by dave chihuly. my favorite was the second picture – that’s 100 feet worth of glass flowers hanging from the ceiling!

IMG_5997 summers in seattle are gorgeous. we decided to take a break from all the walking and stopped at the international fountain. there were so many families out with their kids, most of them running through the fountain in bathing suits. not going to lie – joe and i ran through the fountain a couple of times too. the water felt so refreshing in the heat. we stayed for two of the musical water shows.

IMG_6012 IMG_6016IMG_6015theĀ EMP museum is probably one of the coolest looking museums i’ve ever seen. both inside and outside. we had a lot of fun walking through it and learning more about pop culture, music, and sci-fi. joe’s favorite part was the video game exhibit where we played a ridiculous japanese game.

the city pass actually let us go back to the chihuly glass garden and space needle at night. to pass the time until it got dark, we grabbed beers at some random bar (such a clever name) and watched the NBA finals. on sundays, they have a deal – you flip a coin and if you guess heads/tails correctly, you get your beer for a dollar! joe guessed correctly three times in a row, and of course, i guessed correctly zero times. we also went to list. luckily, they were having happy hour all night (on a sunday?!) and all tapas were 50% off. such a steal for good food!

chihuly glass and garden is even more gorgeous at night.

IMG_6029IMG_6091IMG_6092IMG_6075IMG_6083if you only had time to go to the space needle once, i would definitely go at night. the views are amazing with the sunset and city lights.

our late night eat was at umi sake house, a sushi lounge bar. they have happy hour prices until 2 am (need more of these in maryland) on their rolls. it was delicious!


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