reunion in dolores park

philz coffeeon our way to meet up with the (hungover) men, the ladies stopped by philz coffee. they’re known for their iced mint mojito coffee. i’m not a fan of mint or mojito but i actually really liked the coffee!

IMG_7036IMG_7033we met up with a friend who lives in san francisco and he took us out for our very first dry pho experience at ha nam ninh.  it doesn’t look too appetizing, but it was so. good. ahhhhhh. IMG_7041 IMG_7045 IMG_7060IMG_7056IMG_7055IMG_7091IMG_7077joe took sandy, lisa, and i to balmy alley and clarion alley over in mission to see some cool murals. it was really interesting to walk through the neighborhood and see how different it was from other parts of the city. these are a few of my favorite murals we saw!

IMG_7063 pit stop at dynamo donut + coffee. IMG_7067 doggy donuts!IMG_7070speaking of dogs, we met this adorable little pom who was dying for some attention :)IMG_7068 i can’t remember the exact name of this donut, but it was good and had caramel/nuts on it!

IMG_7096IMG_7099Untitleddolores park is an awesome spot in the city to relax and it also has a great view! i finally was reunited with my dear cousin, carolyn and her husband eden. it’s been quite awhile since we last saw each other so it was a sweet reunion.

IMG_7102 IMG_7103continuing our hunt for good bubble tea at boba guys. verdict: meh. looks better than it tastes.

bi-rite creamery is one of the well-known ice cream spots in san francisco. our friend steven gave us a tip on how to beat the long lines – just buy a pint of ice cream! we tried the lavender and ricanelas flavors. yum!

IMG_7115IMG_7135 walked up what seemed like hundreds of these steps on the golden gate heights mosaic stairway to reach a beautiful overlook of the city. IMG_7120 the scenery from grand view park! IMG_7141before dinner, we stopped by ocean beach. clearly the girls were having a lot of fun. :) IMG_7153ramen from izakaya sozai was the perfect solution to windy, gloomy weather. not so happy about the 2 hour wait, but enjoyed the food here, especially the crispy chicken wings. i would also add spicy miso to your ramen for an extra kick!  more on my san francisco trip: day 1 | day 2


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