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in my last post, i talked about some of my favorite places to eat in san diego. but, the real reason i love this city is for all the amazing sights and scenery. here’s a list of some of my favorite spots!

seaport village. a cute little town with a great view of the water, especially during the sunset.




this was probably one of my favorite shots from the trip. i love the different colors of the sky and the reflection of the boats in the water. it was a gorgeous night!


we walked through a part of the village that had a several small shops and a humongous tree that looked like it came straight from the lion king.


we loved the bits of christmas cheer and stumbled on this giant christmas tree outside of puesto’s. i couldn’t even capture how big it was because it wouldn’t fit in my camera frame, but it was beautiful and fully decked out. wish i could have one of these in my home for the holidays!

mount soledad is only a drive up, further north of the city. a historic cross statue sits atop the steep hill, which i learned used to be controversial. along with the memorial, you’ll also find a grand view overlooking san diego.


sunset cliffs natural park. come an hour or so before sunset to grab a spot for a great view of the sunset.



several courageous surfers jumped straight off the cliffs into the water. i’m not even sure how they get back up since the drop is pretty steep. this canine cutie wanted a glimpse of the surfers and sunset too.

mission bay park. most playgrounds here on the east coast have mulch, but when you’re on the west coast, you get sand! we spotted these cool turtles and got to act like 5-year-olds for a bit.

torrey pines state natural reserve
one of my favorite places in san diego! the park offers several trails, ranging in length, difficulty, and views. there is some parking for cars closer to the top of the cliff, if you’re not up for the uphill hike (heh.)



the guy fleming trail is a short and easy hike but offers some of the best views – a win/win in my book!




here’s the view from the broken hill overlook.

balboa park. this is a great place to walk around during the day. there are several gardens, museums, performing arts, and attractions to see! joe and i stumbled on this free december nights event, which was basically a giant holiday festival with performances, food, and lights. i hadn’t had a chance to see the park at night so it was fun exploring!

coronado. this charming island town is only 30 or so minutes from the city. it’s home to hotel del coronado, one of the most well-known hotels. you can catch a glimpse of its beautiful architecture as you drive off the bridge and from the beach as well.


the island isn’t too big, so a great way to explore is to go bike riding! we found a deal on groupon that let us rent bikes for 2 hours at cruiser king. they say you never forget how to ride a bike…



don’t forget to look for the gold sand at the beach! it looks like someone danced around and threw glitter bombs everywhere. when i went in march, the gold was a lot more prominent so i’m guessing it’s more noticeable during certain months or seasons of the year.

la jolla. there are several cute shops and restaurants in the area. i’ve heard good things about brunch at george’s at the cove but didn’t get to try this time around.



my favorite part of la jolla are the cliffs. these were taken during my trip to san diego last march, but i wanted to show you how gorgeous the cliff views are during the day.



la jolla has a seal beach, which is, as you’d expect, a beach full of seals. they’re quite the vocalists. i know you can usually walk down the beach and get up close and personal with the seals, but it was closed off this time around unfortunately.



sit on the edge of the rocks and enjoy the view! but don’t get too close – the waves come up high during high tide (and drenched some poor photographers).



see you again real soon, san diego!


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