top 10 favorite spots & sights in paris!

joe and i took our first eurotrip together back in october to the romantic city of paris. joe helped us snag a flight deal in the spring that we couldn’t pass up–only $440 for a round-trip, direct flight! we decided to stay in paris for 7 days, 6 nights. we’re pretty fast-paced when it comes to traveling (think jam packed itineraries planned out for each day), and there were still a few places we could have visited. i would definitely recommend staying longer if you don’t want to rush, or if you want to travel to other nearby cities. paris is beautiful and i have heard that people can spend up to a month just in the city. despite being 3 months late (as always), i wanted to share our top 10 favorite experiences and sights that we visited.

the louvre. joe continues to laugh at me because i keep pronouncing it “the loov-ray” instead of “the loove.” this was on my list of must see places. it’s the largest museum in the world and is home to many famous pieces of art including the mona lisa and the venus de milo. take it from me—you’ll want proper walking shoes if you come here!




in my opinion, the louvre is even more stunning at night! we were able to get a few more pictures with less people walking around.

sainte chapelle. in general, the architecture in paris blew me away, and this chapel was no exception. just look at those stained glass windows!



mont saint michel. joe saw this place on the travel channel a long time ago, and we’re so happy we got a chance to go. it’s about a 4.5 hour bus ride away, but the experience is totally worth it!  the castles and towers have intricate architecture and hold a ton of history. during high tide, water surrounds the entire island, making it completely inaccessible. unfortunately, our tour wasn’t around long enough to see the water rise up, but it was still magical. :)





tour eiffel. it wouldn’t be a memorable trip to paris without visiting the eiffel tower, right? i’ve always wanted to visit this iconic location, and joe made it an experience i will never forget. on the most gorgeous day of our trip, joe set up a surprise private picnic through paris picnic. we met a lady in the park who had saved a spot with the best view of the eiffel tower. she left us with a basket full of amazing goodies—red wine, cheese, meats, pasta, salad, cookies…everything! the food was delicious and everything, including the blanket and utensils, was disposable. i would highly recommend this service to anyone! joe said they were quick in responding and made everything easy. it looks like they accommodate up to 10-person picnics at a variety of locations in the city.




disneyland paris. although this park isn’t as big as orlando’s, it’s definitely still the happiest place on earth (yep, even for adults). we visited during an offpeak season so luckily, the lines for rides weren’t terrible and went quickly.




funny story: there isn’t one thing i enjoy about rollercoasters. joe told me that space mountain wasn’t “bad at all” and convinced me to at least try it. so as we line up, my hands are sweating and my heart is pounding aka i’m going into complete breakdown mode. well joe was wrong and you can probably tell by this picture that this rollercoaster was not the easy one he led me to believe. all trust lost, forever.

musée d’Orsay. you’ve probably seen the d’Orsay clock in several instagram pictures. find it in this museum on the 6th floor! come early to avoid the crazy hoards of tourists.



palace of versailles. this place is beautiful, huge, and just a 45 minute train ride away. you could easily spend an entire day here. the only downside is the amount of tourists that you have to battle for photos. i’d recommend coming on a weekday and starting early in the morning. we came on a thursday at around 9:30 am, and it got crowded fairly quickly. i’ve heard that it’s best to work backwards and visit the most popular photographed spots first, like the hall of mirrors in the second photo.





gold everything? yes, please.

château de sceaux. this grand country house sits in the middle of a park and used to belong to a minister of finance. can we talk about how perfectly trimmed these trees are?



montparnasse tower. check this spot out if you want a great view of the city and eiffel tower! a regular ticket will cost you about 15 euros. most people like going up to the top of the eiffel tower, but then you don’t get the tower in your pictures so joe thought this was a great alternative.



the river seine. you’ll probably guess that this was our favorite and most memorable part of the trip. joe told me that we were going on a public boat tour on the river seine. to my surprise, we were greeted with a private boat with bottles of champagne. we felt like celebrities as we traveled down the river, stopping at several landmarks to take pictures. at the eiffel tower, joe got down on one knee and proposed. so many tears, “what?!’s,” and smiles. it was amazing moment i’ll never forget!




we miss paris and can’t wait to revisit one day, especially since it now holds such a special place in our hearts. for now, we are counting down the days until our trip to iceland and london in march!


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