fun DIY bridesmaids gifts

as i mentioned in my last post, joe and i got engaged in paris almost 5 months ago. time has flown by! we’ve started wedding planning and are thankful for the luxury of taking it easy. we’re still 440 days out from the big day. we nailed down some of the big checklist items, like setting a date, booking a venue, securing a photographer, and saying yes to the dress. :)

last month, i got to ask five of the best ladies in my life to be a part of my bridal party and wanted to share this fun, DIY idea i had the pleasure of gifting them.


i wanted to give my bridesmaids something personal and spotted these adorable gold monogram mugs from anthropologie. i’ve been eyeing these mugs for awhile so of course i had to get one for myself too! i also wanted to incorporate succulents somehow because #plantlady, duh. i’ve known these girls for years, ranging from 8 to 25. they have been there for me through thick & thin, and it has been an absolute blessing to see our friendships grow–the succulents were a perfect reminder of this and how lucky i am to have such amazing people in my life.

the clay plant pots from michael’s fit perfectly in the mugs. a match made in heaven!


the cut-out flags and banners were made from my trusty silhouette cameo and toothpicks. i stuck personal letters in handmade vellum envelopes (you can find lots of templates online, like this) and finished them off with a bit of calligraphy plus a handful of gold glitter (that got absolutely EVERYWHERE).

i can’t wait to have these ladies by my side on our wedding day and beyond. do you have any fun bridesmaid gift ideas?


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