getting crafty @ crafty bastards

i got a chance to visit the crafty bastards arts & crafts fair at union market, DC this past weekend. it features over 150 stands of handmade goods from local artists. you can find anything from clothing to jewelry to prints to kitchenware. basically, heaven on earth for me.

IMG_7672IMG_7673 there were a bunch of local food trucks at the festival as well. joe and i tried tequenos, gourmet cheesesticks served with famous dipping sauce, from arepazone!   IMG_7674 these food-inspired watercolor prints from marcella kriebel were some of my absolute favorite.

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date day in old town alexandria

joe and i took our date day to old town alexandria, VA this past weekend. the weather has been gorgeous lately so we definitely wanted to take advantage of it. old town is known for being super dog-friendly so we took bailey along. she just turned 9 months a few days ago and we’ve been trying to socialize her more, especially because people tend to make her nervous. i was so happy with how great she did the whole day!

IMG_6676 walked by this gorgeous sitting area on our way to king street. if you’re looking for a place to grab some creamy gelato, check out killer e.s.p. we tried their chocolate cake batter and oreo nation flavors. they also serve espresso and pies! IMG_6660IMG_6657IMG_6659

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big & bright skies

the middle of last week was the peak of the perseid meteor shower. my family spent some time stargazing from our deck and got to see several shooting stars in these bright skies! it was totally worth staying up late to capture these photos.


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