top 10 favorite spots & sights in paris!

joe and i took our first eurotrip together back in october to the romantic city of paris. joe helped us snag a flight deal in the spring that we couldn’t pass up–only $440 for a round-trip, direct flight! we decided to stay in paris for 7 days, 6 nights. we’re pretty fast-paced when it comes to traveling (think jam packed itineraries planned out for each day), and there were still a few places we could have visited. i would definitely recommend staying longer if you don’t want to rush, or if you want to travel to other nearby cities. paris is beautiful and i have heard that people can spend up to a month just in the city. despite being 3 months late (as always), i wanted to share our top 10 favorite experiences and sights that we visited.

the louvre. joe continues to laugh at me because i keep pronouncing it “the loov-ray” instead of “the loove.” this was on my list of must see places. it’s the largest museum in the world and is home to many famous pieces of art including the mona lisa and the venus de milo. take it from me—you’ll want proper walking shoes if you come here!




in my opinion, the louvre is even more stunning at night! we were able to get a few more pictures with less people walking around.

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